Super smash bros little mac gameplay

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The ideal patch: Little Mac. Is Little Mac as good as Ryu now?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mega Man vs Little Mac gameplay | GoNintendo

Total voters 8. Joined Dec 24, Messages Little Mac's gameplay is very unique in that it is focused mostly on his ground game, and little on his air game. This however leads many people to consider Little Mac to be very bad in this game. In this edition of the ideal patch, i will be focusing mainly on buffing Little Mac's ground game and fear factor, but i do have a couple of alterations to make to his air game as well.

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Little Mac

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Whiff punishing is everything with Mac. Use Mac's Hurtbox shifting animations to your advantage.

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Bait and punish attacks to get an advantage. Don't forget that you can cancel out of your charged punch by hitting L. Since Little Mac has a terrible recovery, at high percents you need to focus dodging and punishing your opponent when possible.

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Little Mac has very fast frame data, several powerful attacks and super armor. Your Up-B has consistent damage mid-air and on the ground, so if an opponent tries to air camp you when at a high percent, don't be afraid to double jump Up-B to kill at reasonable percents. Be careful with your smash attacks. You're very prone to be grabbed out of them.

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Characters with easy means of gimping have to be treated with caution. Be ready to deal with campers. Use Up Smash as an anti-air and lure the opponent to land on the ground and attack then use Litter Mac's counter. Use as a surprise tactic to mix up opponent. When in need of a recovery far out from the stage.

Simply press your side B and then recover.