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The port number for the incoming secure IMAP server is The port number for the incoming secure POP3 server is These values should show in the grayed out port fields when the SSL option is selected. If you are using a secure connection then you may be required to verify the certificate before you can proceed. If you are using the SSL option for your email servers, then you may see a Verify Certificate option displayed. Click on Show Certificate , then click on Continue to proceed.

You will see your server name in place of [server name]. You can also look at the details for trust for the certificate.

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Click on Continue to verify the certificate. You may have to do this a few times until the server saves your selection to trust the certificate. This option to verify the certificate is confirming the self-signed certificate created on the server to allow a secure connection. The server name should match the email server you are using. If you have used the non-SSL version or if you have verified the certificate, then you will see the Accounts screen.

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  7. Once the setup is completed, you can close the Accounts screen click on the red button in the top left corner , and you will see the main Outlook screen displayed. At this point, you can use the email account for reading or composing messages.

    Microsoft Exchange

    If you are using Microsoft Outlook with multiple email accounts, you will see them listed in the left-hand side. When you are composing messages with multiple accounts, you will need to click on the from option in order to determine who is sending the email. This completes the email account Outlook setup for an Apple Mac.

    Here are links to our other Outlook tutorials:.

    Thanks for the question. You actually have a few options. You can use POP3 as the email protocol and then make sure that the server does not save a copy on the server.

    Microsoft Outlook for Mac compatibility with Apple iCloud

    However, it does not allow you to have individual folders. Your other option is to create local folders and then move emails into them. Local folders would be stored on your local computer. You would need to make sure the original emails are deleted from the server after copying them over. I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know!

    PrestaShop 1. You will need to know the following in order to setup your email account in Outlook: Note: We have a separate article for Windows users. User name to access the server InMotion uses the complete email address The email protocol that you will use in your Outlook client for Mac — IMAP or POP3 Server names and if you are using SSL Ports for the server the default ports are used for setup in this tutorial Password to access the server InMotion uses the email password to access the server How to Setup Outlook for Mac If you have just loaded Outlook , then you will first see the wizard to setup your email account.

    How to Access Email with Outlook for Mac

    Verifying a Certificate If you are using the SSL option for your email servers, then you may see a Verify Certificate option displayed. Hi Robert, Thanks for the question. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Need More Help? To carry out the instructions in this article you may need the Manual Settings for your mailbox. Krystal Hosting.

    Subscribe to IMAP Folders using Mac Mail

    There are now two options for setting up your email client. Option 1 is preferred, but does have some prerequisites. Option 1 - Use mail. If your domain is registered with Krystal then this is likely the case. You must have SSL enabled for the domain.

    If you meet these requirements then you can use the format mail. Once the DNS has updated for your new server A record the clients will continue to be able to send and receive email.