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The smartest video surveillance software for the Mac.

In addition, the generic camera types allow to support many other cameras: Audio monitoring and recording is available for compatible cameras. Recording of video and detection of Motion is available for any camera model. Let us know if you have a camera that is not supported yet, or if you need any other additions to the app. Your requests and feedback are welcome at support dcomplex. Now Object Detector can be restricted to desired regions. I currently have 28 ip cameras that I monitor from my macbook pro.

I originally had the ipcamera viewer software but they quit upgrading it with new camera profiles so I had to get the ipcamera viewer 2 software because I got a newer camera and they only supported it on the ipcamera viewer 2 software. Now I have another newer camera and its not supported on this software but supposedley it is on the ipcamera recorder software so your telling me I have to buy yet another version of your software to monitor my cameras and pay an additional fee for each camera even though I do not want to record from them? No thanks.

I will find another solution somewhere else. Also, why does this software put such a strain on my cpu? I have sent multiple questions to the developer asking if they will upgrade the software to support newer cameras but have not recieved a reply. The developers must have left this app for dead. No support, they dont return emails, and its beeen nearly a year since this app has had an update, its still at version 1. I do not reccomend anybody to by this software or any software from this developer until they change the way they do business. Oh how I wish the developers of the live cams pro ios app would develop a mac app.

I love to pull this app up when I'm on my iMac and see all my cameras. However, I recently got a Tenvis and this camera caused a major issue with this software as it would continue to attempt to bring up an image and I would have to Force Quit the program. I contacted DComplex and they responded immediately with a recommendation and are attempting to fix this problem. Even with this minor issue for me I would purchase this application again and again. The only other wish I might have is to be able to add some public WebCams like our local traffic cams.

EASILY use a “REAL Camera” as a Web-Cam…

True wide angle not "marketing degrees". Manual focus other webcams these days tend to be autofocus and often were not designed to focus at or anything near infinity.

How to use a Mac Mini for a security camera system?

The lens is not exactly Nikon quality -- there's a fair bit of purple fringing and some barrel distortion, but nothing to complain about in a low cost product. As with all other "HD" webcams, the resolution has to be taken with a big pinch of marketing salt -- the lens for one is not up to the job of resolving lines.

After an hour of testing I'm very happy. I'll be ordering a few more of these.

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I wanted to post the V4L Rose Tacoma, Wa. FPS is lacking If there is little movement then the picture is great. Logitech C HD Webcam. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Good for backup usage. Thank you!

Currently unavailable. I am happy with this camera. It is easy to fix on my laptop and I can move it too. I use for my online lessons and it shows pretty good images. I also use for my videos and pictures.

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It has good quality and the price I paid was even better! I don't regret buying it at all! See All Buying Options. Stopmotion Explosion USB 2. Robinson California. I actually bought two of these, I use at least one of them every day at work.

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I taped it to a spot on my desk so that I can use it with my Camtasia software, to capture my image as I lecture, and the materials being projected on the screen for my students. This is a great little plug n play camera, and the mic is also very good. Good quality, but that should be expected from a Logitech product.

Mic is ok at best, if your using it for streaming with good light the video is great! Only 18 left in stock - order soon. Got a replacement and it works now! Thankfully, your options are many. However, there are usually compromises to be made. Often, a manufacturer will provide few options for viewing the video feed from the camera. This, though, is a small price to pay when the quality of the view is more important than how many frames per second you can squeeze out of the camera.

The BL-C range will always deliver an image to you and your lovely new Mac. And what of cameras from other manufacturers? With Axis and Sony your options are slightly better as both manufacturers offer Java-based viewers alongside their ActiveX and other viewers. Unfortunately the non-default viewers are often feature-poor and less user-friendly than the default. On top of this many key features are often supported through Java like the setting up of motion detection windows etc.

Viewer technology is not the only problem. Initial installation, video recording and audio support are all given scant consideration. This will change, we are sure, and is changing.

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There just is not enough pressure for this. At the very most we can expect many more cameras to support Macs in their core feature set but we are unlikely to see true Mac compatibility including all features and software. There are many pros and cons to be considered here and we will consider them in later posts. As Mac users we sympathise and we implore manufacturers to consider beefing up their support for Macs.

We know what they need to do.

They only need to ask. Update May As a previous commenter has pointed out the SecuritySpy software is ideal for Apple Mac users and can be used to discover cameras on the network as well as record them. I am looking for an outdoor security camera to mount on my garage to keep an eye on the front of my house while I am on vacation and watch my kids at the bus stop on my corner.

I want one that can wirelessly connect to my Airport Extreme and only needs to be plugged into an electrical socket. I know it exists, but I want a reasonable price and all of the bells and whistles-moveable, automatic recording, zoom, etc. Unless, of course, it is inconspicuous enough to not be easily noticed by kids who fancy these kind of things. There are much better cameras to use outdoors. Many work well in both bright light and dark conditions. Thank you Ashley for your good point about hiding it. Also to Jim, good point-color is not necessary for my needs.

The search continues. I suppose it comes down to what you actually want an IP camera for. Many cameras on the market work fine using MACs if the most important aspect of a camera purchase is picture quality and some home security functionality, such as image transfer by email or to an FTP server on triggered alarms. There are also Mac based recording solutions out there which work with IP cameras, the most notable being an application called Security Spy.

But, yes we totally agree with your frustrations. I have a requirement for an IP camera to show full motion only on a Mac mini. It is for a dental office. By law, the technician that takes a digital X-ray of a patient, needs to view the patient just before the radiation is engaged.