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Playlists can take on a style pop or jazz, for example , a particular artist, or even a particular activity like studying. Comparatively, Spotify's Home screen is where the service's personalization is centered. Discover Weekly is added every Monday morning, and delivers a two-hour playlist of personalized music recommendations based on your listening habits, as well as the habits of other users who listen to similar artists.

Meanwhile, Daily Mixes playlists feature tracks and artists in a certain genre that you've been listening to, plus a few additional recommendations, while Release Radar is a playlist of new releases recommended just for you. Browse is also home to a TV and films section that features Apple-made programming like "Carpool Karaoke" and artist documentaries. Beats 1 offers live radio 24 hours a day, and also plays a big part in the platform's music discovery. The Radio tab also has an archive of its most popular radio shows and playlists from years past. Music Sharing Both services allow you to follow friends who are also subscribers and share playlists with them that you've personally created.

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In the Spotify desktop app you can see what song your friends are currently listening to, provided they choose to share this information. On the plus side, Spotify supports lots of different third-party devices, from game consoles to smart speakers. And if you own an Amazon Alexa-enabled speaker you can link it to both Apple Music and Spotify, but check your region first as support can vary depending on where you live.

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Usually you can do so either direct from a built-in app, over Bluetooth, or via a cable connection. Spotify: Which One? If you're just looking for a free music streaming service and you don't mind ads, Spotify is the obvious choice. However if you're willing to pay, choosing between Apple Music and Spotify gets tricky. But if these aren't considerations, Spotify is certainly a strong alternative, thanks to its excellent music discovery and personalization features. Tags: Spotify , Apple Music Guide. Top Rated Comments View all. I tried Apple Music a couple of times, but it doesn't even come close to Spotify in my opinion.

Spotify has far better-curated playlists.

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They are great at finding music I prefer. I usually listen to a ton of Indie. Too much corporate stuff pushed by Apple Music and all the "New" stuff they display are same old stuff. When I go to Spotify my "Discover Weekly" playlist is filled with good stuff and hidden gems. I have yet to see Apple make a decent playlist towards my tastes. Apple's big advantage could have been Beats One, an international live radio station with a truly massive built in audience.

Unfortunately they squandered their big opportunity by playing nothing but rap which is not music and bizarre euroelectronica music. What a shame. I hope you can dodge all those stones coming your way. The truth is my shield. There are plenty of other Beats One shows like that.

Just tapping Beats One gives you a lot of hip hop, because No other music genre has the same wide appeal, popularity, and global reach. And the playlists are worlds better on Spotify, not a deal breaker for me tho as I find most of my Music recs elsewhere. Apple Music is very, very good.

  • Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs. Just hit play!.
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  • Method 1. Get Spotify Premium Free with 30-Day Free Trial.

Apple Music, on the other hand, feels very rigid and pushes a ton of pre-made playlists. Not surprising since Apple is terrible at using and parsing data of any kind. But I love the curated shows by artists. Alligator Hour in particular is amazing. I like Apple Music, except for two things: 1.

The algorithm for stations and recommendations does not seem to be very intelligent. In fact, it is pretty rigid and stupid. And it continues to play songs that you have disliked.

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I want to be able to block specific artists, albums, songs, etc. Apple Music keeps making me listen to "Home" by Phillip Phillips. I have already disliked it and I skip it every time, but it keeps shoving it in my face. There will be no stones coming his way. Most of us recognize that comment for the inanity that it is and we bypassed it entirely.

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On topic: I use neither but if I had to choose, I'd go with Spotify. The web player would put me over the edge. I do wish I could upload my own songs that are not on Spotify and I own. I have over songs.

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Listening to my favourite music is the best thing I love about life! This software constitutes a problem with privacy, not to mention pays out almost nothing to artists. I would rather buy music upfront. Like 4. Spotify is forbidden on my Macs. Here's why: It's rare to find a more invasive application. I've dug around in the Library folders to kill off all traces of daemons, automatically loading processes, login items, ad nauseam.

A big [expletives deleted] to Spotify for creating the worst app I've used so far in Like 5. Do you do it and it does not work anyway? It may also be that when updating the application, put the preferences back by default, instead of keeping the ones you select. To me it restores the option "Show the songs not available in the playlists" that I always activate, and the app insists on hiding in each update. Nor do I see now an option that bothers me a lot and always canceled, that at the end of my selected album, the playback with themes at random continued.

How to get Spotify premium for free on iPhone/Android/Mac/Windows?

I suppose they will pay a lot of money for forcing you to listen to unwanted songs. Your selection is good, but I do not like to be forced to be aware of whether it ends or not what you select. Like 2. Derekcurrie is correct. Without deleting the app, good luck preventing it from opening during login in a user account that ran the app once, never signed in, and never wants to.

I am a premium user, and did not know that the automatic start depended on whether or not you are using an account. Is it because of being a premium or free user? Or maybe for not identifying? In any case, bad for Spotify. When you do not allow the user to choose how to use your application clearly.

For me, this works while it is not updated. In almost every update, you have to check all the preferences, which return to the original default status imposed by Spotify: auto-start, similar songs without end, news, show iTunes, While I'm still using the same version, remember the preferences. I do not like it to be updated necessarily, and not to take into account the permissions.