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Next, make sure the problem isn't with the USB port by plugging the iPad into a different port than the one you previously used. Most computers have enough USB ports that a single broken one is not a big deal, but if you find yourself running low, purchase a USB hub at your local electronics store. Make sure the iPad isn't running too low on power. When the battery is close to being depleted, you may find that low-power mode results in unexpected behavior as the device tries to extend its useful life. If your iPad is connected to your computer, unplug it and check the battery percentage, which is located on the upper right-hand side of the iPad next to the battery meter.

If it is less than 10 percent, let the iPad recharge completely. If the battery percentage is replaced by the words "Not Charging" when you plug the iPad into your computer, plug it into a wall outlet using the adapter that came with the iPad. One of the oldest troubleshooting tricks in the book is to reboot the computer. While you're waiting for the computer to come back up, reboot the iPad by holding down the suspend button on the upper right-hand corner of the device.

After several seconds, a red button with an arrow will appear, instructing you to slide it to power off the device. After the screen goes completely black, wait a few seconds and hold the suspend button down again. Apple's logo will appear in the middle of the screen while the iPad boots back up. If iTunes still fails to recognize the iPad, it's time to try a clean copy of iTunes. First, uninstall iTunes from your computer—uninstalling iTunes won't delete all of the music and apps on your computer. Look for an icon labeled Programs and Features. Within this menu, scroll until you see iTunes, right-click on it with your mouse and select uninstall.

Top 3 Ways to Fix iTunes Not Opening on PC/Mac

After you remove iTunes from your computer, download the latest version. Still having problems? The program quits every time I try to load it. When I type on the keyboard it repeats 3 or 4 characters which is a drag when put passwords because it always goes wrong. Not only was it not solved, but it added one more problem: The Delete key no longer quickly erases a few words when I press and hold but it does character by character about one per second and so do the arrows keys.

I did the update but still did not solve… Do you have all the issues? Me too. Typing anything is an issue. It seems to randomly insert previously typed characters. Passwords are a mess. Any ideas please. All went well until I tried to remove some of the desktop pictures. Minor point, I know but… I get a message that says the macOS needs these.

Any ideas?

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Since the upgrade the screen resolution is off and I can only see half my screen so I can answer the questions on the other half… anybody got any insights? Catalina inhibits and causes backups to an external hard drive to take an extreme amount of time and fail. With High Sierra and Mohave, it took approximately 10 minutes to backup my iMac [including encryption].

With Catalina, time machine indicated 10 hours [later reduced to 6 hours] but, the system kept stalling at 4 hours and would not complete the backup.

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I gave up and just did a backup of critical files to a memory stick. I have older backups and am considering undertaking the task of converting my system back to Mohave as this system is slow, cumbersome and not worth the trouble. Well,,,, So far, it froze during installation, 2 days to get it unstuck,,,, next day, my entire username passwords files erased themselves,,,,,today, the desktop completely wiped itself off of any icons or data, except for my background photo,,, lovely upgrade Catalina is,,,,,not!

I upgraded and the installation went OK on a late MBP, my issue is with Adobe Bridge which will not show the contents of my Desktop, Download or Document folders, in the file structure on the left of Bridge these folders have a downward pointing arrow on them and if the folder is clicked in the normal way a message is shown saying no items to display but they are there when using Finder. I contacted Adobe support and they said they are aware of the issues with Catalina and they are working on a fix. I informed Draftkings but they did not know how to resolve, just to make sure my intranet cable what??

Maps and other apps know where I am so not sure the issue. I had the same issue with draftkings sportsbook site. I ended up going back to the previous iOS until the bugs are all worked out. Are you still having the issues? I saw their was a iOS update but didnt want to try it yet. So lots of boot faults and hangs under APFS.

My MacBook Air has been rendered useless after attempting to install Catalina. I was on my iPhone with Customer Support for almost 3 hours and the situation only became worse. Do not, under any circumstances, install Catalina. These files display on desktop and in finder with blank icons. Since installing Catalina, apple music does not work properly. If I play a recommended album, the playback stops after each track and therefore I have to manually select play for each track.

What to do when iTunes can't see or recognise an iPhone/iPad

Two-user MBP; secondary administrator. Catalina kept asking for my Apple ID repeatedly—entered it, asked for my log in pw, entered it and it recycled; waited a day; logged out, restarted, had it asked for again, entered it and log in pw, but this time I waited a little longer; after seconds, I got a request for a passcode for one of my other devices.

After that, the prompts and the warning triangle went away. Everyone else is just guessing, or trying things on their own, hoping this or that will work, and maybe it does. I have seen other people say the Apple ID password is being rejected despite being accurate, that is a common issue and obviously a problem with Mac Catalina. My issue was resolved by deleting my NordVPN program which I was using to watch blacked out college sports in my area. Even tho it was turned off or so I thought, it was interfering with my internet connection to the Apple ID Server.

Upgraded to Catalina now the Extensions off the Edit mode of Photos does not allow the changes to be saved.

iTunes won't open after Update - Apple Community

Ab error occurred while saving. Same problem here, I hope either Apple or Luminar can fix this, as it makes the otherwise brilliant Luminar plugin useless. Everything went smoothly for me. Does anyone else have a minor problem in finder? When I open my download folder the last download is always above the interface.

I always have to scroll up to see the last download. From there, then estimated time remaining jumps to 12 hours to 3 days. Then it just fails and I have to start from scratch. This has been a persistent issue for the past two days.

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Is it because of congested network traffic on the part of Apple since so many people are downloading this? Is it my internet connection?

Anyone could help?