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Business Tech. Mobile Tech. Digital Downloads. Best Places to Work. Resource Library. Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the IDG Network. How to fix iOS 7 glitches. During normal use, you may find one of your input devices becomes disconnected from your Mac for no clear reason. This is the problem I have. Connection may be unpredictable, for example the machine may wake from sleep when you tap the Space bar, but text entry for your login may fail.

How to Use iPhone as Mouse for Mac (And Keyboard)

What to do There are numerous quick steps you can attempt to address this problem. First, check the battery level -- sometimes it helps to put fresh batteries in your device.

Keep it held down as long as you want to move the mouse. You can pull your thumb off it, move the mouse back, then press it again to gain more movement space. You can also tap the trigger quickly to activate a mouse click. Scroll Pad: Run your thumb up and down over this part to activate scrolling. Additionally, if you hold this button down, it will also activate the trigger.

How the Mouse Connects

This is useful if you want to click and drag something or highlight some text. The keyboard can be used to type on your computer. It can be used in both vertical and horzontal modes. As you type on your iPhone, the letters will be typed in real time on your computer as well as on the screen of the app. You can type a Tab key by double tapping the Return key. Directly above the keyboard are 4 modifier keys. These are the same that you would find on your desktop keyboard.

The modifier keys will change to the appropriate keys when you connect to your computer. These can be used to perform keyboard shortcuts, such as creating a new document by hitting Command-N.

Primary Sidebar

These keys also work for mouse click, so if you wanted to open a new tab in a web browser you could press the necessary modifier key and click on a link. Modifier clicks don't work in every program though, so your results may vary. To the right of the modifier keys is a minimize button. If you want to hide the keyboard completely in order to have the entire screen as a trackpad, just shake the phone in a downward motion or tap the keyboard icon at the top and it will slide away. To bring it back, just shake your phone in an upward direction or tap the keyboard icon again.

The application switcher offers you a way to launch any of your favorite programs, as well as switch between all your running applications and perform different actions on any of them. If you are on a Mac, all the icons on your Dock will appear. If you are running Windows 7, you will also see any programs that are pinned to the taskbar.

Run your finger over the icons to see the full size icon and application title on the screen as well as on your computer screen. To switch to or run an application, simply tap the icon. Keeping your finger down, just drag your finger over the menu to select the option you want. If you hold your finger on the OS icon the first icon in the upper left hand corner , you will be given the option to shutdown the computer or put it to sleep. The file browser allows you to browse your computer's file system, run applications, and open documents.

The file browser is available by tapping the folder icon in the application switcher screen. Click here to view a demo of the file browser. The web keys screen contains all the most common buttons to control all your web browsers. The top row of buttons contain Back, Search, Home and Next buttons. The second row of buttons contain Reload, Stop, Bookmarks.

In the center is the Open button, which will set the focus to the Location field on your browser and bring up a URL keyboard on your iPhone. The basic presentation mode contains oversized next and back buttons along with a Start button on the bottom, making it easy to navigate your slide show without needing to look down at your iPhone. While your slide show is running the current slide title will show up on the trackpad.

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The current slide number will show up on the Start button, which will now stop the slide show when you tap on it. To switch to the pro version of the presentation mode, simply tap the star icon. The function key screen contains all the function keys you would find on your regular desktop keyboard as well as an Escape key, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down and arrow keys. These keys also respond to the modifier keys. Above the function keys are 4 customizable hot keys.

These are set up in the server settings by clicking the Function button. They can be named and assigned to run a program or perform a keyboard shortcut. In addition to the 4 hot keys, the scroll pad is also a programmable hot key, which can be configured in the Function screen too. Server List: When you first run the app, it will automatically try to find and connect to the first available server it finds.

If it is unable to do so, you may need to manually select the server from this list. If there are none available, it will display a message saying that it is searching.

Remote Mouse : How to use mobile as a mouse - track pad - Wireless Mouse

While it is searching, please make sure that your server is running and is not blocked by any firewalls or antivirus software. When you see your server listed, click on the server name to connect. If you are running multiple servers on the same network, this list will show them. You can use this screen to switch between them at an time. If you are unable to connect to your server, please follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Any time you have an IP and Port in these fields, you will automatically be connected to that computer each time and it will ignore the servers in the list. If you want to go back to using a server in the list, just erase the IP and Port completely so that they say "Auto" in each field. Manually entering the IP can be used to connect to computer which aren't running Bonjour, or to connected to your computer over the Internet. Force Vertical: When this switch is in the On position, it will prevent the orientation of the trackpad from switching to landscape mode when the device is turned sideway.

Sound: This switch can be used to disable all the sounds in the app. Tap Click: When this option is turned off, the trackpad wont perform mouse clicks by tapping on it. Drag Lock: When the drag lock option is enabled, anytime you tap and drag an item, it will remain dragging until you either tap the trackpad again or you stop using the trackpad for a couple seconds.

This is great when you are trying to move a window or icon across a large monitor, or resize a window Pinch To Zoom: When this switch is turned on, you can pinch the screen in trackpad mode to zoom in on your computer. Turning this switch on will reverse the mouse buttons and the tap-to-click button.

Unable to Control KRC sessions on Mac OS, Mojave, – Kaseya Support Knowledgebase

Natural Scroll: This option is used to change the scroll direction. Frequency: The Frequency slider sets the frequency in which mouse data is sampled and sent to the computer. Increasing this value will provider greater sensitivity and smoother mouse movement on faster networks, but can cause a lag on slow or unreliable networks. Lowering this value can provide less lag on slower networks, but may produce choppier movement.

We suggest you leave the default setting unless you are having problems with your mouse movement. This makes this gesuture easier to use on the iPhone screen, but will disable the 3 finger pan gesture. Key Buffer: When this switch is in the On position, any keys you type will be buffered to the screen before they are sent to your computer.


This is useful if you want to see everything you type before you send it, or if you want to use the device's built in spell correction. This feature should also be turned on if you are using a foreign language keyboard that combines characters as you type them, such as a Korean keyboard. Sleep: This switch controls whether the device is allowed to sleep while the app is running. By default this is on, turn it off and the device will never go to sleep while the app is running. This is useful when you're giving a presentation, but otherwise should be used with caution as to not drain your battery.

Stay Connected: Turning this on will attempt to keep the app connected to the server even after the device is sleeping, or the app is running in the background. Enabling this will keep the app from having to re-connect, but may reduce battery life. Proximity Sensor: Turning this switch on will allow the proximity sensor to turn off the screen. This is useful when you have the Sleep option set to Off because you can simply lay the device down on it's face to turn off the screen and conserve battery life when not in use, but still remain connected to the server.

Auto-wake server: When turned on, this option will automatically send a wake-on-lan signal to the most recent server when the app is started. Call inturrupts media: This option will pause any media playing on your computer when a call comes in, or mute your computer if the app doesn't know how to control the current media player. This may help if you are experiencing a lag in when your cursor initally starts to move. Use volume buttons: This option will allow you to use the volume buttons on your iOS device to control the volume of your computer. When you enable this option it will take over the audio of your device, so any previously playing audio will be suspended.

I asked her not to turn off Bluetooth before she shut the computer down again, just in case. Have you ever had this happen to you? Do you have other solutions? How about other tips on Mac OS X software or hardware? Send us an email or hit us up on Twitter to let us know, or drop a comment below.